4 Methods for Decluttering Like A Pro


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If you have ever looked at your house and felt overwhelmed with the number of things you own, it might be time to think about decluttering. Here are 4 methods for decluttering like a pro.

KonMari Method

This first method was made popular by Marie Kondo, a tidying expert, and star of the hit Netflix tv show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Her method relies on decluttering everything, all at once, instead of moving from room to room. For example, if you were working on decluttering your clothing, you would grab every single piece of clothing around the entire house and place them in a pile. Once that is done, you will go through every clothing item and determine if it “sparks joy”. If the answer is no, then you will get rid of it and vice versa. The final step is to send all the unwanted items away with gratitude. The idea is that each item has taught you a lesson, even if it is just that you have no use for those types of things.

F.A.S.T. Method

This next method was developed by Peter Walsh. This acronym provides a memorable and simple way to take on the task of decluttering.

  • Finding the Right Time- Decluttering can be a family affair. Make sure to schedule a time that will work for everyone. Dedicate an hour during the week or a whole weekend for the process.
  • Anything Not Used in 12 Months- As you are sifting through the clutter, if you come across anything that you have not used in the past 12 months, you should get rid of it. The odds that you will end up using it in the future after you have not used it for a year, are very low.
  • Someone Else’s Stuff- It is already enough of a problem that you have plenty of your stuff taking up space, adding another person’s things only makes it worse. If it does not belong to you, get rid of it.
  • Trash- Some items are simply garbage, and they should be thrown out right away. When decluttering, keep a trash can close by and fill it with all the unnecessary items taking up space.

4-Container Method

The 4-container method is another simple method to make decluttering easier. All you need is four different boxes, baskets, etc. with these labels:

  • Trash- This box is going to hold things that are too far gone for repair, or simply something you do not want that cannot be donated.
  • Give away/sell- Anything that no longer serves a purpose for your home may benefit someone else. Feel good by donating or make some extra cash while decluttering.
  • Storage- There are some things that you still want but you do not use often. These can be placed in storage, so they do not take up useful space.
  • Put away- A lot of clutter is made up of things that are simply not in their correct space. If it has a designated place in your home, make sure you put it back there.

30-Day Minimalist Game

This final decluttering method was meant to be a fun little challenge to be done with family or friends. The premise is that each day you get rid of, whether through donation, selling, etc., a number of items that correspond with the day. For example, on the first day, you would get rid of one item, on the second day two items, and so on. The challenge is to see who can last the longest. It is a great way to take clutter out of your home, but it does get really difficult in the latter days. If 30 days is too much for you, feel free to do it for a shorter amount of time. The point is to keep yourself accountable for decluttering by making it a fun game with friends or family.


We hope this information on 4 ways for decluttering like a pro is helpful to you.

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