A Cross-Selling Guide for the Insurance Agent


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One of the most powerful marketing tools for growing your business is going to be cross-selling. It helps solidify relationships with your existing customers, strengthens loyalty, and creates more business through referrals. Do not let hesitancy be the reason you miss out on business. Here are a few tips that will ensure your success with cross-selling.

Keep Your Primary Focus on the Relationship

Your existing client base will account for a good portion of future revenue. You want to consider the outreach as a way to strengthen the relationship as opposed to just selling more products. Understand your clients and their potential risks, so that way you can be the one to offer them total protection.

Know Your Clients

It is so important to know what is happening in your client’s lives, so you can properly address their needs. Having this strong relationship will allow a much easier time cross-selling in the future.

Study the Data

Compare your client’s data to other customers of a similar age, gender, location, etc. That information you have access to could be a tool to help you cross-sell.

Use Email Marketing

Your current clients should make up a majority of your email subscribers. With that being the case, you want to make sure you are keeping them aware of other types of insurance that they may need. Showcase your value as an asset that will help guide them through their changing needs, and you may gain referrals too.

Create email campaigns that target your clients that are candidates for a cross-sell. This ties back to knowing your clients and helping them understand what they need before they know they need it.

Don’t Give Up

A cross-sale is not always going to work the first time you bring it up or even the second time. However, it could eventually happen, so you want to make sure you are attempting a cross-sale.

One thing to remember is that you want it to be in your client’s best interest. Being money hungry and not taking into account their situation can ruin that very important relationship.


During your initial contact, make sure you are gathering information on your client’s current policies and needs. Having a basic understanding of their situation will allow you to smartly cross-sell in the future.


We hope this information on cross-selling for the insurance agent is helpful to you.

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