Brand Storytelling as an Insurance Agent

Organizations need to switch up their tactics to stay relevant – they need to utilize brand storytelling!

Branding: it can make or break a business. From an individual creating a personal brand while jobhunting to an entire organization working together to maintain a specifically curated brand image, branding defines how the world sees you and your company. 2020 has rocked the world’s notion of success, as people search tirelessly for a personal, relational experience in an increasingly online sales environment. Organizations need to switch up their tactics to stay relevant – they need to utilize brand storytelling!

What is Brand Storytelling?

Brand storytelling involves utilizing a narrative to link your brand’s values to your consumer in a memorable, typically emotionally charged way. Think about your favorite book as a child. Do you have the storyline memorized both forwards and backward? Now think about the last work presentation you sat through. How many facts and statistics do you remember? Stories are proven to improve memory function because they stimulate the brain and connect important topics or lessons to strong emotions.

Brand Storytelling in Advertising

One of the most recognizable forms of brand storytelling is tv advertising. With the holiday season coming up, most people who watch television are anticipating the return of Coca-Cola’s famous holiday polar bears. The bears always appear in some lonely situation, but when they share a Coca-Cola, they all gather to experience the warm, fuzzy emotions of the holiday season. The brand uses wordless storylines featuring the famous bears to associate their value of unity with an ice-cold Coca-Cola.

Although the commercial may not give insight into the company’s history, it gives viewers an insight into what is important to the Coca-Cola family: being together with those you care about. This message is sure to resonate with audiences in 2020, especially, as many have been quarantined alone for much of the past year.

How Do I Start?

To create a story for your brand, first think about your message. Are you telling your clients how you started selling insurance? Are you telling the story of a particularly emotional case? Are you simply introducing yourself to potential clients? Whatever your message, try and frame it like a story. Who are the characters? What are the rising actions? Where is the big turning point or realization? Don’t forget to stay real and raw with your clients. Honesty goes a long way in today’s sales environment.

Brand storytelling can be fictional, non-fictional, provide an origin story, give consumers insight into who the company is, what they do, or why they do it; the possibilities are endless. Sales tactics moved from face-to-face, personal experiences to easy, one-click facts and data with the rise of the internet, but now more than ever, customers are looking to connect on a deeper level. This provides entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketers the awesome opportunity to get creative with how they deliver information about their company.

As an insurance agent, you are your own brand. Brand storytelling offers the opportunity for you to build trust with potential clients and deepen your relationships with existing customers. So tell us, what’s your story?


We hope this information on brand storytelling is helpful to you.

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