Cold Call: Tips to Help Make the Sale

Cold Calls

As a sales agent, it is our job to connect with people through our service/product. When we make a sell it is through hard work, persistence, and naturally the ability to sell. Millions of potential leads are in your reach but first, you must be able to pick up a phone. Cold calls are your doorway into any sell, but sometimes it’s hard to speak to people on the phone. Some agents just prefer in-person sales tactics, some agents like to be able to make conversations more personal, and some agents just aren’t good at making the calls in general. Today, we are going over a few tips to help you get over that wall called cold calls.

Sales Script

We all know what a sales script is – use it. Sometimes the words leave your head and you need something there to catch you just in case you fall. Sales scripts are great tools when you don’t know all the information about a certain product. Maybe there is an important fact, statistic, or service that your product provides that is a key selling point. With the script on your side, the ability to hit all selling points is possible and gives you a better success rate.

Premature Sales

Some people try to rush you off the phone so you must use your time wisely. It’s hard to make a sell when you offer your product prematurely.  Instead of you selling the product why not try to get the information of your potential client and send them “information.”  When you send info materials to a potential client, you want to be sure that it’s custom-tailored to the recipient so that it hits the mark.  This also gives you the ability to schedule a follow-up call or even a face-to-face meeting.


The potential client didn’t answer; now it’s time to leave a voicemail. Most agents try to sell their product in a 30-second voicemail; this doesn’t work. Chances are you won’t be getting a return call about your product unless you just wowed the potential client. Instead of giving a product overview on a voicemail, simply state your name, and that you were trying to reach the client with important information. Be vague don’t let them think you’re selling something to them. People hate sales calls, but with the correct message, you can leave the client intrigued.


We hope that this information on cold calls is useful to you.

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