Cold Call: Tips to Help Make the Sale

Cold Calls

As an insurance sales agent, connecting with potential clients through cold calls is a vital part of your job. Cold calling remains a fundamental strategy for insurance agents seeking to expand their client base. Despite the rise of digital marketing and other modern sales techniques, the ability to effectively connect with potential clients over the phone can set you apart in a competitive industry. Cold calls are your doorway to any sale, but many agents find speaking to prospects on the phone challenging.  Cold calling can present several hurdles: the fear of rejection, the challenge of making a personal connection, or simply the mechanics of completing a successful call. In this article, we will provide practical tips to help you overcome the challenges of cold calling.

The Importance of a Sales Script on Cold Calls

A well-crafted sales script is an indispensable tool. It serves as a safety net when words escape you, ensuring you can confidently convey key information. A well-prepared sales script is your best ally during cold calls. It provides a framework that ensures you cover all critical points without sounding rehearsed.

Why Use a Sales Script?

  1. Consistency – a sales script ensures you deliver a consistent message to all prospects.
  2. Confidence – a sales script helps you stay focused and confident, especially when the conversation goes off track.
  3. Compliance – a sales script ensures you cover all necessary legal and compliance points, a crucial component of the insurance industry.

Elements of an Effective Sales Script

Do you ever find yourself quoting movies or repeating an idea told to you by a prominent speaker? This phenomenon occurs because the script is memorable, impactful, and connects deep down within you. Here are some things your sales script should contain to be effective:

  • Introduction – Start with a friendly greeting and introduce yourself and your business.
  • Value Proposition – clearly explain what you offer and why you are calling today.
  • Engagement – Ask open-ended questions to engage the prospect and understand their needs.

Use of an effective sales script can lead to more sales and more conversions. If you are the kind of agent who wings it on every call and find yourself with a pipeline that does not always have a steady stream, becoming aware of tools that can help is a vital part of your growth as an agent.

Premature Sales

One common pitfall in cold calling is rushing into the sales pitch too early. Prospects often need more time to understand who you are and what you offer before they are willing to consider your product. Clients may try to rush you off the phone, making it difficult to get your message across. Rather than prematurely pitching your product, focus on gathering information about the potential client and offering to send them tailored information. Customized materials that address their specific needs can significantly increase your chances of securing a follow-up call or meeting.

Strategies to Avoid Premature Pitches on Cold Calls

  • Build Rapport – Spend the initial part of the call building a connection. Show genuine interest in the prospect’s situation.
  • Listen Actively – Pay close attention to what the prospect says, and respond thoughtfully. This action demonstrates respect and builds trust.
  • Offer Value – Instead of pushing for a sale, offer to send valuable information that addresses their needs. This approach positions you as a helpful resource rather than just a salesman.

Example: I understand that choosing the right insurance can be overwhelming. Especially when we are bombarded with so many ads about it on TV. I would love to break the information down to make it easy for you and me to understand so we can solve this problem together. Can you provide me with your best email address so I can send you this information?

Voicemails and Cold Calls

Voicemails can be an excellent tool for making a positive impression and encouraging callbacks. Many agents make the mistake of trying to sell their product in a 30-second voicemail, which rarely results in a callback. Instead, keep your message brief and intriguing. State your name and that you have important information to share without giving away that it is a sales call. Be vague but compelling, sparking curiosity and encouraging the client to return your call.

Tips for Effective Voicemail

  • Be Brief and Intriguing. Keep your message short and to the point but intriguing enough to prompt a callback.
  • Personalize Your Message. Use the prospect’s name, and if possible, mention something specific about their situation.
  • Create Curiosity: Leave just enough information to make them want to call you back.


We hope that this information on cold calls is useful to you.

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