How Can the Empower Mobile App Help You?

Hello everyone, I’m here today with Bill Bronson, the Marketing Director at Empower brokerage, who designed the Empower Brokerage mobile app. Today, he’s going to explain why the app was created and how it can help you as an agent!

Why was the Empower app production started?

Well, our agents needed a way to get quotes quickly. For instance when you meet someone at a coffee shop or at the store or wherever, you don’t have your office with you – no laptop – but you do have a phone. So, a mobile app helps you help others by providing on demand quotes no matter where you are. It provides a way for you to firm up the details of the appointment that you might make with someone.

If the person you’re talking with mentions they have been thinking about getting life insurance but they think it is too expensive, now you can quickly pull a quote and show them the cost; it may not be as expensive as they think. Simply ask them their age, and then you can show them all of their available options. They will appreciate the immediate service. Moreover, they will see how beneficial it would be to have you as their agent. That is the power of the app.

How does the app work?

The app is powered by a third-party developer that’s an actuarial company, who maintains those rates. So, they’re always up-to-date, and if I look in the app right now, the screen shows health quotes and disability quotes. It also shows life, as well as senior products like final expense, hospital indemnity, Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage, and prescription drug plans. All the quotes you need are at the touch of your finger.

Where can I find the app?

This app is available for Android and IOS devices. For Androids, you go to the Google Play Store. For IOS, you go to the iTunes store or the App Store. It’s free so all you must do is search for Empower Brokerage. You’ll find it, download it, and then you create your own username and password. It’ll use your email address (all lowercase) as your username. Then, you create your password (it’s different from our website and it’s different from the comparative rate or things like that). A lot of our agents use the same password for everything because all those things use the email address as a username. It definitely makes things faster.

Do I have to be a member of Empower to use the app?

Without being a member of Empower Brokerage, you can use the disability quotes, health quotes, and the life quotes. More of the robust tools are offered to our agents who are contracted with us. They’d be able to use all the senior products: hospital indemnity, final expense, Medicare supplement, prescription drug plans, and Medicare Advantage. A big tool is the ACA Express Engine, which lets agents get quotes and submit applications all in one. It really takes less than ten minutes. It’s amazing. On, it takes about thirty minutes or more to finish an enrollment all the way through. With this tool, it makes it really fast for our agents to produce quotes on the spot.

Comments in regards to the app since it’s come out?

We have about four hundred people now using the app, and only about half of them are Empower agents. That’s what is great; we can give tools to agents. Whether they’re with us or not, we provide an attractive service because they don’t lose any money working with us. We don’t cut the commission. There’s no loss for an agent to work with us, only gain.

If you have any questions, please call us toll-free (888) 539-1633.

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