How to Gain Confidence and Be You

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Stand up straight, make direct eye contact, and smile. Does this sound terrifying? I understand if it is scary, and I am here to tell you it does not have to be! Feeling timid is normal. Psychology Today says shyness stems from low self-esteem and a fear of rejection or judgment. We all have to start somewhere. Since you were a baby, you learned how to handle different situations by watching and growing. The same applies to adults! However, boosting your confidence won’t be as simple as flipping a switch. Like all things, gaining confidence takes time and effort. Here are a few simple steps to gain confidence and be you!

Mind Your Diet

Believe me. I didn’t intend this article to be a “health nut” piece, but the science backs up this claim: Garbage in, Garbage Out. Have you ever heard the expression, “Garbage in, Garbage out”? This philosophy states that if your input is low quality, your output will be the same. This result can relate to more things than just your diet. Bad job interview? How well did you prepare? Car problems? When was the last time you performed car maintenance? If all you eat is fast food, you may experience low energy or lethargy. Your attitude can drastically shift if you don’t feel 100%. Eating better is often easier said than done. These results do not mean you now have to eat salads 24/7. Consider eating more home-cooked meals. Being in a healthier physical state leaves you with a better attitude, and when you eat well, you feel good too! If you don’t know how to cook, try these alternatives: Hello FreshBlue ApronEvery Plate.


Just Say Yes

Let me reel this one back in just a bit. What I mean by just saying yes is to view life positively! How many times have you found yourself turning down an opportunity? Have some confidence and trust yourself to prevail. The worst part of being insecure is having that fear of the unknown. What is the best way to break that habit? Start throwing yourself out there! JUST SAY YES! If anyone asks if you’d like to join a group of friends for dinner, say yes! Want to come out to watch the car race? YES! Would you help your friends paint their house this weekend? YES! Saying yes to everything can help generate a positive attitude and a general sense of adventure. A positive outlook can help you gain confidence by helping you deal with new situations. It will get you out of your comfort zone. Do you want to know what the best part is? You can’t feel insecure constantly if you’re in a new environment every day. You learn to grow and adapt. Eventually, you become comfortable in your skin, and you get to tell a bunch of cool stories too. This technique is how you can gain confidence!

Believe in Yourself

Sometimes, believing in yourself is tougher than it should be. We all have moments when we doubt our abilities. You are not alone in this camp! Millions of people experience this feeling every day. This feeling is normal! No one is perfect; we all have shortcomings, but we can’t let our insecurities rule our lives. You must start trusting yourself. If you can’t trust anyone, you should at least trust yourself, right? Cut yourself a break, take a deep breath, and say, “I can do this.” Positive affirmation is just good vibes. Whether you believe in good vibes or not, you can’t deny the sense of encouragement you get when you tell yourself, “Good job.” What this does is shift our thinking to be positive. With a positive outlook, nothing can phase us! Begin to live in the moment. Don’t miss what’s happening today because of what may happen tomorrow! You’ve got this!


It will take a lot of work to overcome that insecure hump. Keep yourself in good company (and new company!). Reassure yourself, and remember to keep a smile. You will be your worst enemy in this fight, but the best part? You know yourself inside and out! Don’t let those fears creep their stinky little heads into your mind. Be you! If people don’t respond well to the true you, it’s ok! Not everyone is meant to get along! Gaining confidence is a skill everyone learns at their own pace. Don’t beat yourself up as you grow into something new. Trust your gut and get out there! I believe in you!

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