It’s Time To Use A Password Manager

Why You Need a Password Manager

It’s Time To Use A Password Manager

Keeping track of dozens of website usernames and passwords is frustrating and time-consuming. Think of all the time wasted hunting for a username or requesting a password reset. Not to mention, the majority of people use weak passwords and then reuse those same weak passwords on every website. This is a huge security risk that far too many of us are guilty of. To put it into perspective, if you use the same login information everywhere, a security breach on one website could give hackers access to all your accounts including email, PayPal, or your online banking account.

The Solution

How do we remember strong, unique passwords that contain numbers and symbols on every single website we use? The solution is a password manager.

No one likes the inconvenience of usernames, passwords, and pin numbers, but the reality is they are here to stay. To make life easier, it might be time to embrace password managers. Password Managers, such as LastPass, 1Password, Sticky Password, or Dashlane, store your encrypted login information for every website you use. They generate secure, impossible-to-guess passwords, and remember them for you by automatically entering them when you log into a website.

Of the Password Managers listed above, Lastpass is the one we are most familiar with here at Empower. It is a straightforward, user-friendly tool that many of our agents and employees use for both personal and business use. LastPass offers a free service as well as a premium service with more features for $3 a month.

How Does LastPass Work?

After downloading LastPass, you will see the LastPass button img-icon-lp-chrome-button-2x-png in your browser toolbar. This button is where you log in to LastPass every day. Next, create your account with one long, secure master password. This master password is the only password you will have to remember, so make sure it’s memorable. Finally, start adding sites to your vault. Lastpass will prompt you to save sites to your vault as you log in, or you can enter them manually. There’s also an option to import sites from your email. LastPass has a built-in password generator that will create long, randomized passwords protecting you from being hacked. LastPass fills in your login info when you visit a website, and the best part is you never have to worry about forgetting a password.


Are Password Managers Safe?

Think of a password manager as a notebook of your passwords locked by a master key that only you have. Your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. Meaning, on your local computer or phone. Data stored in your vault is kept secret, even from LastPass. Your master password, and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data, are never sent to LastPass’ servers and are never accessible by LastPass. Lastpass servers only receive a heavily encrypted data “blob”, so even if LastPass is hacked your information is still safe from decryption.


We understand how frustrating creating and remembering usernames and passwords can be. We hope these tips on why it’s time to invest in a Password Manager help take a bit of hassle out of life.

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