John Shinn – Senior Benefits Specialist

John Shinn is the focus of our product specialist spotlight.

John Shinn – Senior Benefits Specialist

I’m not sure if John Shinn has ever met a stranger. Whether you just met him, worked with him for years, or only spoken to him over the phone, John Shinn’s enthusiasm resonates in all he does, including his approach to his career and life. The senior benefits specialist greatly enjoys seeing agents and independent brokers succeed in their careers. In his role at Empower Brokerage, John assists agents and brokers across the nation. His valuable expertise in Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and supplemental senior products permits John to answer any-and-all questions they might have about these topics and encompasses all the carriers.

John likes interacting with people. Every Wednesday morning, he hosts his weekly training “How to Sell Medicare Supplements” at 10 a.m. CDT/CST. Each session highlights how to sell Medicare products and builds upon the previous week’s teachings. If you are a new agent and are worried you missed out, do not fret because every six weeks, the webinar training returns to square one so you can learn the successful strategies.

“I try to get everybody organized on how to choose carriers, getting contracted, finding prospects, making presentations, and how to cross-sell,” says the West Texas native. “There is a lot of product training in [the webinar,] and we get deep into each product.”

He also reiterates vital points from the Monday meetings and encourages listeners to speak with Individual Medical Product Specialist Jeff Hess, Annuity Product Specialist Derek Baltimore, and Life and Financial Specialist Enrique Torres for information on their specialties.

For over 40 years, John Shinn’s insurance career has flourished and transformed his life for the better. “It has dramatically changed my life. I went from being a blue-collar worker, born and raised in a working world to working in a white-collar world around businesspeople,” explains John. For the Medicare specialist selling insurance has provided a very good life and above-average financial life for himself and his family. It has been an extremely rewarding career for John Shinn. “I love to help people, and I get paid to do that. So, I like helping agents, and I like helping policyholders,” says the jovial specialist.

John has spent the previous 10 years at Empower Brokerage. Before joining the field marketing organization, John held many different positions in the insurance business. He first worked with active and retired teacher associations in an insurance role. Afterward, John’s endeavors involved recruiting and training agents. With a license in multiple states, John has worked as an active sales agent for over four decades, and this last week completed another sale.

John’s Motivations and Hobbies

John is a people person and says his greatest motivations are helping people as well as being able to provide for his family. With three children and nine grandchildren, John says his family is the love of his life. He describes his hobbies as “the normal stuff” and enjoys watching individual sports like golf, tennis, and boxing, and treasured playing golf when he was younger. He also delights in going out dancing, listening to music, and reading books. “I have traveled to many different foreign countries. I like to travel,” said the insurance veteran.

“I have been very lucky to find an insurance career. I started when I was about 26 or 27 [years old]. Before that, I did all kinds of things. I have sold cars. I have done some interesting things,” said John. “I have worked with teachers, banks, and credit unions. All of [my jobs] were involved in different parts of the [insurance] business, but I have done just about everything in the insurance business. I really like working with agencies like Empower.”

If you are a brand new or experienced agent, you will surely learn something new and advantageous from Senior Benefits Specialist John Shinn.


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