Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet


These days, a lot of children are learning to use a cellphone before they are potty-trained and tablets are a staple in most children’s lives. This means children have access to the internet. As adults, we can understand the dangers that are present on the world wide web, but these younger children do not have the same perspective. Most of them navigate through the internet without any concerns and can put themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

The Dangers

You may be wondering what more can you possibly be protecting your children from. You have already talked to them about not talking to strangers on the internet, and your child should know better. While that may be true, though, there are other dangers that you need to warn your children about.

Phishing- Phishing is a crime that occurs when a scammer tries to target people for their personal information by posing as a legitimate business or institution. They can take this information and gain access to very important accounts which could lead to identity theft or stolen finances.

Cyberbullying- When people get to hide behind their computer screens, they feel like they can say whatever they want. This could result in cyberbullying where your child may either be the victim or the perpetrator. Victims of cyberbullying can really suffer and should be wary of this potential danger.

Malware- Malware is programming that is designed specifically to harm your computer or network. They can come in the form of computer viruses, worms, a trojan, etc. They are downloaded onto your computer disguised as other apps or games, which is why they are so enticing to children.

Inappropriate Content- There is so much content on the internet, and a lot of it can be inappropriate for your child. Even though your child stays on kid-friendly websites, the odds of stumbling upon something inappropriate are very high.


There are a few ways to protect your child from these things and they pretty much all involve having conversations and being observant.

  • Talk about internet safety and develop a safety plan
  • Supervise while they use the internet
  • Review any apps they use
  • Use and review privacy controls and settings
  • Help them understand what information not to share
  • Make sure they know they can come to you in case of any danger

It is impossible to protect your children at all times, all you can do is teach them the ins and outs of internet safety. This will ensure they are prepared to navigate the web as they get older.


We hope this information on keeping your kids safe on the internet is helpful to you.

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