Life Insurance Awareness Month 2020

Real Life Stories | Ron Franco: Keeping a Dream in Place

Permanent life insurance meant the Francos could tap the cash value when they bought their dream home and pay their bills when money was tight. But in the end, it was the death benefit that was there for Ron when his wife Kelli died at just age 46. #LIAM20

Posted by Life Happens on Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Life Happens Pro is beginning their Life Insurance Awareness Month early this year! The campaign usually takes place during the month of September, but this year is not a usual year. With the pandemic surging the Life Insurance Awareness campaign starts NOW.

Reality Check

With all the events that have transpired in 2020, Life Happens has centered around the “reality check” that life insurance cannot wait. Life insurance has become more crucial than ever for your clients and they need to know the importance of it.

Agent Marketing Resources  

One of the primary offerings for Life Insurance Awareness Month is the marketing resources for agents to reach their clients with. The company provides social media, graphics, videos, and compelling real-life stories. These marketing resources can help agents introduce the importance and need for life insurance during these uncertain times. The company has also released a marketing guide video to give tips to agents on the utilization of these resources.

With LIAM marketing resources, agents will be able to create a large variety of content with customizable templates for their agent information. With a premium account, agents have the ability to remove the company’s logo and make the resources entirely their own.

There are also marketing resources centered around videos and testimony from their spokesperson Brooke Shields, which have been tailored for both clients and the industry to reach fans of hers effectively.

The Need Is Greater Now Than Ever

The need for clients to have life insurance coverage and financial security for their loved ones is more critical now than it has ever been before, and now is the time for action to let your clients know of the importance through this campaign.

The pandemic has made people more willing to discuss the topics surrounding life insurance, and this is an opportunity to help your clients and their families with the perfect life insurance policy for them.

Agent Materials

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