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Is your senior client suffering from chronic lower back pain? This may be an unwelcomed experience; however, on the good side, their Medicare Part B plan may cover acupuncture treatments. The benefits of acupuncture for pain and tension relief in muscles have been known for quite some time. Over the years it has become a rather popular treatment for lower back pain. Provided that they meet the requirements, Medicare may cover the expense of up to 20 treatments in a single year. This is truly a wonderful alternative option for pain management.

How it Works

Thought to have started in China, acupuncture came into practice thousands of years ago. This treatment is performed by inserting very thin needles into the skin at various points on the body.  An acupuncturist uses a map of meridians to determine these points. The meridians are thought to be paths of energy (Qi) flowing through the body. Some experts say that the needles stimulate the central nervous system. This is one theory, however, there are many theories about how the treatments actually work. With regards to safety, it is considered safe under normal circumstances. As long as a licensed and fully trained acupuncturist is performing the treatment, the possible risks involved are very rare.

Pain Solution

Research has proven that acupuncture can provide reliable short-term lower back pain relief. This is great news as it may also help eliminate or minimize the need for pain medications. Acupuncture may even be used along with other treatment options depending on the situation. For the best plan of action, they should consult with their doctor for recommendations.

What Medicare May Cover

Acupuncture for chronic lower back pain that has persisted for at least 12 weeks may be covered by Medicare. The coverage will initially provide 12 treatments within a 90 day period. Once a doctor confirms that the treatments are providing results, Medicare may approve an additional 8 treatments. The coverage does not extend to those suffering pain due to pregnancy or surgery. Consult the site to find out about the full list of requirements. If qualifications are met, acupuncture may be exactly the solution your client needs.



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