Micro Sites For Life Insurance Carriers

What are Micro Sites?

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Micro Sites are similar to campaign landing pages. They are a special web page that only has the information you need for a specific campaign or product. Insurance carriers use microsites to help promote specific products and tend to have detailed information agents can use to present to clients. These sites have been used to submit business as well.

Campaign Specific Pages

Carriers create campaign-specific pages to help promote a particular plan, service or product. These pages tend to be up for only the duration of the campaign and only contain information relevant to the campaign and how agents can sell these products, services or plans.

Landing Pages in Digital Marketing

A landing page in digital Marketing refers to the page an individual lands on when they click on an advertisement. Microsites are often embedded in advertisements as a way to help drive traffic to their site. They also help create buzz about specific products.

Agent Targeted Micro Sites

Agent Targeted MicroSites pop up in Webinars, Carrier Presentations, and even Emails. Additionally, upon getting contracted with Empower Brokerage you can request a list of the most common Micro Sites. Please note that not all carriers have Micro Sites.

Enrique Torres, Empowers Life and Financial manager says “These Microsites are basically a one-stop-shop, a convenience store solutions for any carrier products.”

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