NAHU Wants You to Know You’re Not Alone

During these current times, you might feel alone, but the National Association of Health Underwriters, or NAHU, has your back. NAHU wants you to know you’re not alone, during current challenges in the ever-changing marketplace. Important matters such as staying up-to-date on developments that can affect your clients or your business, compliance questions, or even furthering your professional development with training, NAHU has the right tools to help you succeed. Today we will go over everything NAHU offers and how it can further your insurance career.

NAHU wants you to know you’re not alone

The National Association of Health Underwriters represents more than 100,000 licensed health insurance agents, brokers, general agents, consultants, and benefit professionals through more than 200 chapters across America. NAHU wants you to know you’re not alone, helping millions of different consumers or guiding them through different difficulties that may arise during enrollment, while also doing what’s best for the consumer.  NAHU members are also eligible for different discounts on products and services, which include E&O insurance, technology, and compliance savings.

Events & Resources

NAHU also offers special events such as their annual convention, webinars, certification courses, or summits. These meetings allow you to network with thousands of other members around the country, growing your business, and boosting your knowledge. Invaluable to your current practice, NAHU also offers publication resources and business-development tools.

NAHU Advocacy

It sounds all great, but when it comes down to advocacy what does NAHU stand for? NAHU conducts advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels of government to advance the interests of health insurance professionals and to promote affordable and responsible private health insurance market solutions, including legislative issues, policy documents, Health Underwriters Political Action Committee, and more. NAHU gives a detailed belief on each subject while taking a particular stand.

Interested in joining NAHU in the current insurance climate for help and more? You can visit their website here.


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