National Life Group: New Flexible Whole Life Product TotalSecure

How is your life business going? Have you written a policy lately? We tend to overlook the Life side of the business, but it’s important to remember Life Insurance gives your clients the security needed for the worst possible scenario. Life Insurance companies continue to provide this much-needed service for your clients it’s important that you stay up to date on the best products available for your client. Today we will be looking at National Life Group’s new Flexible Whole Life policy that is sure to give your customers the coverage they deserve. This product not only gives your customer the coverage they deserve but also gives them the flexibility for when it’s needed most.

Who Is National Life Group

National Life Group is a trusted Life insurance carrier with 170 years of history. With their aim to do good in their communities and with the individual families they serve. National Life Group recently announced their Total Secure plan, a new, flexible whole life insurance product that offers more living benefit options than any other life insurer.

The TotalSecure plan gives your client the benefits of a traditional whole life plan. It also guarantees level premiums, cash values, and flexible new features. The plan gives your clients the ability to edit their coverage to handle their specific needs. In order to view the plan in full detail follow the link here.

The TotalSecure plan offers:

  • Predictability through strong death benefit guarantees, cash value accumulation guarantees, and premium payments that will never go up.
  • Convenience through EZ Underwriting and eApp.
  • Flexibility through premium payments that can be customized around your client’s needs, access to cash value through loans and withdrawals, and National Lifes valuable living benefits.

Plan Highlights

The plan allows your client to choose the time frame they wish to pay-up for the policy. With the option to pay into before or after retirement gives the ultimate flexibility based on their needs. Clients can access death benefits to cover expenses that qualify with illness or injury. There is no additional cost riders advance payment should your client be diagnosed with illness whether terminal, chronic, or critical.

The death benefits of the policy can be used for anything whether its travel, medical expense, additional care or other costs that are unexpected. If needed your client can dial down the cost of the insurance program. This is done without putting their death benefit guarantee in jeopardy (within the 10 year guarantee period). Through the plans waiver of premium, the client of the plan can determine how much of their premium will be waived in case of becoming disabled, giving them more control.

The new TotalSecure plan from National Life Group is exactly as the name states, its total security. Putting the choices back into your client’s hands, while giving them immense flexibility for any type of situation. Learn more about this outstanding product by visiting the product details page.

Have more questions about this new product? Give our Life & Financial Specialist, Enrique Torres, a call at 817-410-5812 or call us toll free at 888-539-1633