Setting SMART Goals For Your Business

Now that it is officially 2021, it is time to review your past year and adopt new goals that will help guide and grow your business and your life! An easy way to start is to set some SMART goals! SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound, and these goals can help you plan your next year in a way that will help your business thrive!

S – Specific

When setting SMART goals for yourself or your business, make sure to keep them specific. Avoid generic or broad goals that you are unlikely to follow. If you want to make more business calls, set a specific number. If you want to get stronger, set a goal for a certain number of pushups or the amount of weight to lift. You are much more likely to push yourself and grow if you are working towards a specific goal rather than a vague one.

M – Measurable

Always make sure that your goals are measurable. If you cannot measure your progress, how will you know if you are actually growing and working towards your target? With goals that have specific numbers associated with them, this is easy; keep track of how many calls you’re making or how many pushups you’re doing so that you know how close you are to reaching your goals!

A – Actionable

Whatever your goal may be, make sure that it is actionable so that you can start on it right away! There is no better time to start than right now, and you are more likely to follow through with starting if you jump on it instead of procrastinating.

R – Realistic

Did you ever set a goal as a kid that was nearly impossible to reach, like becoming a princess or an astronaut? Did you reach that goal? The answer may be yes for a select few but for the vast majority of us, the answer is likely no. When setting SMART goals, make sure that they are attainable so that you don’t lose the motivation to keep growing and pushing when you aren’t making enough progress to reach your overly lofty aspirations.

T – Time-Bound

How many times have you told yourself, “I’ll start tomorrow,” or asked “What’s the harm in waiting a few days?” and then not followed through on your goals? Along with getting started right away, you should always make sure that your goals have a deadline attached. Hold yourself accountable for moving forward. By ensuring that you have a set “do by” date, you will be more motivated to work towards and reach your goals!

Now that you know the basics of SMART goals, let’s set up an example. Let’s say that you want to make more calls to new clients in the new year. Your SMART goal might look like this:

I will call 100 new Medicare clients in the first quarter of the year.

You have set a specific number of calls and a specific target audience, you can track how many calls you make, you can start right away, the target number of calls is doable, and you have set a time limit for yourself! Set some SMART goals for yourself and let us know how it goes!


We hope this information on SMART goals is helpful to you.

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