Social Media Tips for Agents: The Basics

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Keeping up with Modern Marketing

So, you do the research. You study hard, pass the licensing exam, and earn your credentials to begin practicing independently. All you need are leads and clients, but how do you provoke interest in your services? Marketing is a practice as old as human civilization. It is the practice of promoting one’s goods or services and has only grown more integral and complex to the survival of large and small businesses alike. With the ever-growing and evolving presence of social media, the simultaneous evolution of marketing as it absorbs online cultures, trends, and even memes is profound. Seventy-two percent of all Americans today use social media, and millions of people can view a company’s content with a swipe of a finger. All it takes is one viral post that can cause an account’s platform to explode. Social media has become more critical than ever for marketing, and these social media tips are great for anyone wanting to expand their own business.

Here’s the Social Media Tips!

There are so many outlets and options for your content. Where do you even begin? It starts with knowing your audience as well as your brand. Research your target demographic to see what content generates the most engagement; since that is vital to growing your platform. It is best to keep an eye out for popular new trends with your audience and plan to pair popular sounds and hashtags when possible to play the algorithm to your advantage.

Turning Ideas into Graphics

From a graphic designer’s perspective, social media is a great outlet to experiment with the design elements of your brand. Take inspiration from successful, popular brands, and take note of modern design trends. Become familiar with the energy and message you want your branding materials to exude, and write your ideas down. The more descriptive, the better.

When you commission designers or get a team on board, they can pick up exactly where you left off, using their knowledge to bring your ideas to life. There are also resources like Canva if you don’t have the aid of a designer, but they can be limited, and designing can be quite difficult without the proper knowledge or skillset.

Hone Your Posting Skills

As social media has been developing, algorithms have become the dominant tool for platforms to spread content to users. These algorithms differ between sites but basically function the same. Social media posts are sifted through the algorithm and paired with a specific label or category, such as “health and fitness tips.” Algorithms will then recommend similar content to users interacting with posts under these categories. Users share many posts on every platform, but you must give special attention to how your post favors each platform’s algorithm.

Once you have tailored content for your audience, it’s time to post! It’s important to find resources to help streamline this process. Many online sites have tools and calendars. If you work with a limited budget, start small by posting on one or two apps as a great first step. Planning timelines for posts a month or so ahead of time gives you time to build up a stockpile of content, stabilize your workflow, and keep posting consistently at busy times when more people are scrolling.


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