Stay Hydrated this Summer


Stay hydrated this summer with a pitcher of refreshing water with strawberries

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Summertime is a much-awaited time of the year. Kids are out of school and on vacation. They spend much of their time with family, playing outside, bike riding, going to the park, swimming in the pool, making trips to the beach, and attending family barbecues. How awesome does all that sound?! Summertime is a great enjoyment when friends and family get together. There are a lot of activities to do, but we need to be healthy and stay hydrated this summer to appreciate activities to the fullest.

Stay Hydrated, but Make it Fun!

Summer officially started on June 21, and with the hot temperatures rising to higher levels, our bodies need to stay hydrated more than at any other time. Of course, drinking water is the most common way to stay hydrated, but our bodies also need electrolytes to function. Medical News Today describes electrolytes as substances that conduct electricity when they dissolve in water. Electrolytes are minerals like sodium, calcium, and potassium. When you describe them that way, they don’t sound enchanting, but the good news is that we can find all those vitamins in delicious fruits that we can add to our water or consume as summer snacks to stay hydrated.

Where can I find Electrolytes?

  • Sports drinks such as Pedialyte, Electrolit, and many others contain electrolytes.
  • Coconut water is a refreshing beverage naturally filled with electrolytes. This healthy drink is rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, plus it’s naturally low in sugar.
  • Eating strawberries, cherries, watermelon, and mangoes are also a great way to consume electrolytes, and these fruits make the perfect combination for a summer fruit cocktail. You can get creative with these fruits and savor them in your aesthetically crafted drinks or make thirst-quenching frozen fruit popsicles to stay hydrated this summer.

Enjoy the Summer!

After reading about summertime, you might be longing for a pool day and refreshing fruit water or ice popsicle. Us too! We encourage you to enjoy the sunny days ahead and remind you to stay hydrated. Remember to take care of your body and give it the vitamins it needs to maintain it in a healthy state.


We hope that this information on summer hydration is useful to you.  

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