Step Up Your Game with Annuity and LTC Continuing Ed

Annuity and LTC Continuing Ed

Note: The following information assumes you are a licensed insurance agent in the State of Texas. If you are not, please contact us to learn how to sign up for our free new-agent licensing class. (888) 539-1633.


Step Up Your Game with Annuity and LTC Continuing Ed

Do you want to demonstrate thorough product knowledge and understanding, effectively becoming a trusted source for your clients? As part of your state’s life insurance renewal requirements, we encourage you to expand your knowledge on products such as long-term care insurance (LTC) or annuities. Continuing Education (CE) keeps you informed and helps you find the best product fit for consumers. Also, by staying current with state-specific rules, Continuing Education helps you avoid penalties.

Completing your Continuing Education can feel overwhelming as requirements may vary by state, license type, or law changes. Therefore, to meet your state training obligation, we recommend online platforms, such as WebCE or your preferred CE provider. Courses can be taken individually or bundled for a reduced rate.

Here is an example of a training package on WebCE:

Annuity and LTC Continuing Ed

What Texas Agents Should Know About Continuing Education (CE)

According to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), all Texas producers must take 24 hours of CE, including two hours of ethics, per two-year renewal period. At least half of the hours must be classroom-equivalent courses. Agents earn credits after taking courses approved by TDI from registered course providers, such as WebCE. Each class indicates the number of hours and whether it counts toward the ethics requirement.


Annuity Certification Training

Texas requires 4-hour product training to sell annuities during the two-year licensing period. Only TDI-approved courses with registered providers can be used to meet this requirement. Complete your annuity training on WebCE here.


Long-Term Care Certification

Texas agents must complete a 4-hour certification course to sell long-term care insurance in each reporting period. Complete your LTC course on WebCE here.



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