Updated CDC Quarantine Guidelines

Updated CDC Quarantine Guidelines

According to the updated CDC quarantine guidelines, people who have been fully vaccinated will not have to go through the quarantine period if they come in close contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19.

As of right now, this includes people with two doses of either the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or the one produced by Moderna. While the different vaccines are similar, the main difference is the Pfizer one has a three week wait period between doses, while the Moderna one requires four weeks. The criteria to be fully vaccinated by CDC guidelines requires a two week buffer period after the second dose to make sure the vaccine is effective.

However, if someone is still showing symptoms after coming into close contact with someone who has COVID-19 after being vaccinated, they should still quarantine. Furthermore, those who had their last shot three months ago or longer should quarantine because it is not known at this time how long the vaccine will protect people from the virus.

Before the vaccines came out, the CDC recommended immediately quarantining upon close contact with individuals who had COVID-19. However, with both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine showing effectiveness in preventing the spread of the virus, the CDC is deeming it safe for those fully vaccinated to not have to go through that period due to them already having the ability to ward off the infection. Being vaccinated does not mean that masks and social distancing are no longer required. Those are the two main precautions to take to help slow the spread of the virus, and while vaccinations help they do not cover every base. There is still a chance that a person with the vaccine can still be a carrier and spreader.

The CDC has also recently said that wearing two masks can help slow the spread of the virus with up to a 95 percent effectiveness. Taking these measures will help the population turn the corner and get us closer to a return to normal than ever before.


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