2020 Walmart Kiosk Program

Walmart Kiosk Program

Empower Brokerage and Walmart again join forces to offer Medicare help to consumers during the Annual Election Period (AEP).  The Walmart Kiosk Program called “Healthcare Begins Here” places agents in high traffic areas of the store during this important time of year. Empower Brokerage has thousands of agents under contract who can help fill these stores nationally. Each year Empower Brokerage increases its presence in stores and treats this as a major opportunity.

This is the perfect time for agents to answer questions and educate customers on upcoming Medicare Programs, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and more.  Not only does the kiosk program allow agents to set up appointments, but it also allows for cross-selling and obtaining referrals. Writing applications and enrollments come easy in this type of setting, but most importantly it helps us answer important questions the public has about their health insurance options.

“Empower’s Walmart Program is a way for us to offer medicare help and services to everyday consumers,” says Blanca Montemayor, our Walmart program manager. “This program is specifically designed to assist them with their Medicare questions. We get them the help they may not have been receiving and assist them access resources they were unaware of.”

How does the program work?

To qualify for the program Agents must:

  • contract with Empower for a minimum of three Medicare Advantage (MA) companies and one or two Medicare Supplement (MS) companies.
  • pay a $500 deposit. Payment plans are available if needed.
  • staff the kiosk three days per week, minimum of 20 hours


The Walmart Kiosk Program, which runs October through December, is just one of the many ways Empower Brokerage supports agents during AEP.  Go to Empower Brokerage Retail Opportunities and follow the instructions to sign up.

The $500 fee for this program is modest considering the length of the program and the exposure agents get in return. Thousands of consumers visit Walmart every day, many of whom are also getting their prescriptions filled. Being in close proximity to this activity allows potential clients to inquire about their prescription costs just a few feet away from where they got them filled.


Got Questions?

The Walmart program helps agents get in front of potential clients and, ideally, increase their sales. Most importantly, clients are able to connect with licensed insurance agents who can answer their questions on the spot and help them review options that may financially benefit them.

For more information about the Empower Brokerage “Healthcare Begins Here” Walmart Program contact:

  • Blanca Montemayor  –   bmontemayor@empowerbrokerage.com    |  817-410-5809
  • Tyler Culp  –   tculp@empowerbrokerage.com   |   817-410-5831


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Stay Compliant while working at Walmart

“It is not unusual for secret shoppers to visit the Walmart kiosks. Be on time. Five minutes late due to traffic, weather or whatever is not acceptable.  Secret shoppers arrive five minutes early to make sure you are there at your start time. Do not leave early, not even a few minutes. Use only CMS approved documents.  If a secret shopper stops by they will check the materials on the table to make sure they are compliant. Don’t Rush. Take your time and go through the presentation like any other face-to-face meeting. Be thorough and take notes.  Take the time to check medications and doctors. Keep a list of both in your file. Remember, consumers may be thinking about their shopping tasks at Wal-Mart and could forget to mention a med or one of their doctors.” -Sherri Miller, Empower Brokerage Compliance Officer