Advantages of Silverscript

“Why Silverscript for 2018?”

Empower Brokerage’s Regional Sales Director David Russell shares his insight on why agents should have Silverscript in their tool belt for 2018

As we all know, it is important to have the proper carrier mix in our portfolio and tool belt. From an agent’s standpoint, it is especially important to have Silverscript for 2018. The reason is simple. When you are out on a medicare appointment, Medicare Advantage might not be the proper fit for your client, as it houses their drug plan (possibly) within the plan. So if you are on a medicare appointment and need to switch gears to present a Medicare Supplement, you now have the opportunity to also write a stand alone PDP. You would want Silverscipt in order to provide this to your client.

Easy Enrollment Options

Silverscript’s agent portal is very user friendly. You can access it by going to Once you’ve certified for 2018, you will have access to all the reports and enrollment capabilities. There are 2 plans. You’re going to have Silverscript Choice as an option and Silverscript Plus as an option. There are 3 ways you can enroll your client electronically.

  1. On your iPad
  2. E-scope and application on your laptop
  3. Email option

As far as enrollment capabilities go when you are in the field meeting with a client, you can download the app on your iPad, which allows you to write the application right there. This will cover your scope of appointment and securely send everything to Silverscript. Or, if you prefer your laptop, you can log in to your portal and do an e-scope of appointment, as well as an electronic application and signature. Better yet, there is an email option. So if you are there with your client, you’ve done the medicare supplement, and now they need the stand alone PDP, you can go ahead and do an email enrollment. You’ll put their first and last name, email address, swear you didn’t create that email address for your client, hit send, and it’s done. The client will then be sent a link. Since you have already discussed which option they are going to take, they simply fill out their information for either the Choice or Plus plan and hit submit. Once submitted, you will automatically get a confirmation email.

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