IHC OEP Tips & Metal Gap Announcement

Introducing a New Way to Minimize High Out-of-Pocket Expenses


High deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses can be a real struggle for bronze and silver plan enrollees. Now, Metal Gap 2 offers another way to help clients looking to mitigate their out-of-pocket costs.

Like the Metal Gap, Metal Gap 2 is guarantee issue and provides lump-sum payments when a covered accident or illness occurs.

It also features:

  1. No deductible accident medical expense plans with up to $6,500 AME coverage
  2. Four plan options to meet different budgets and needs
  3. More specific rating based on age, gender and ZIP code
  4. No coordination of benefits with existing health plans

Your on- and off-exchange clients are eligible for Metal Gap 2 and will appreciate the savings it will offer them in 2016.

Meet Metal Gap 2 Metal Gap 2 State Availability

Consumers struggle with out-of-pocket costs. MG2 helps.


Meet Your Empower Brokerage Toolbelt

websitepic2With Empower Brokerage, you can compare and cross-sell products from multiple carriers, across all life & health product lines, and learn everything from sales methods to developing a thriving life or health business.

We offer full Medicare Advantage & ACA sales support, nationally.

Our Super Fast Express ACA Engine will help you quote and produce enrollments in just minutes.

Our Expert Mentors will guide you along the way, in areas such as:

  • Life Insurance
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  • ACA, Group and Individual Health
  • Medicare Advantage
  • PDP
  • Medicare Supplements

Empower Brokerage Offers a One-Stop Destination to access:

  • Contracting paperwork for multiple carriers
  • Training provided by multiple carriers
  • Carrier-specific product availability maps
  • Answers to frequently answered questions

Why Does It Matter?
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