What MAPD Agents Can Do Prior To October 15th



What Can MAPD Agents Do Prior To Oct 15th?

We hope you are as excited as we are at the fast approaching AEP and the opportunities it presents for all of us – especially the opportunity we have to give many seniors a chance to live the healthier life that we believe they so richly deserve!
As the excitement nears its peak with the arrival of the month of October, we would like to remind everyone of a few important items that we must adhere to pre-AEP.

Meeting with Beneficiaries Prior to October 15
While you are allowed to meet with beneficiaries prior to October 15, please be mindful that you CANNOT encourage completion, solicit, accept paper or telephonic enrollments, encourage mailing, take possession of, or “just hold on to” any applications for the 2016 contract year prior to AEP, October 15, 2015.

What Can Agents Do Prior to October 15?
Agents have the opportunity to help beneficiaries in the following ways if, and when meeting prior to AEP:

  1. Assess their needs
  2. Review plan changes and options
  3. Give a full product presentation/consultation
  4. Make recommendations on coverage that will best meet their needs

Leaving An Enrollment Application with Beneficiaries, Prior to October 15
Agents can leave 2016 enrollment application with beneficiaries only if the following can be adhered to:

  • Beneficiaries must complete the application themselves
    • If a beneficiary is unable to complete, the agent should come back on, or after 10/15/2015
  • Beneficiary must sign the application and put the current day’s date on it
  • Beneficiary must mail the application directly to Cigna-HealthSpring using the envelope in the Sales Kit
    • If beneficiary is unable to mail, the agent can come back and pick up the application on, or after 10/15/2015
  •  Agents must put ONLY their Agent ID# in the “For Agent Use Only” section of the application when they leave the enrollment application with the beneficiary
    • The agent must not sign the application OR date the application
    • The agent must not complete any other information in the “For Agent Use Only” box on the application
    • Agent should instruct beneficiary not to write in the “For Agent Use Only” box

Any deviation from the above will result in rejection of the application and loss of commission.

Beginning October 15, 2015, agents should revert to the regular application process. They are allowed to assist in the enrollment application process and must complete the entire “For Agent Use Only” section as they normally would.

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