Aetna and Humana: Ending Merger Agreement

Aetna has announced that they have mutually ended their merger agreement with Humana, following a ruling from the United States District Court. The ruling granted the U.S. Department of Justice request to enjoin the merger.

The nation’s third largest insurer, Aetna, announced its bid in 2015 for Humana, which is the fifth largest insurer. Had the deal gone through, Aetna could have significantly expanded its presence in Medicare Advantage coverage. The primary reason for the merger’s dissolution was concern for consumer choices, industry competition, and rate increases. Aetna Chairman and CEO Mark Bertolini said in a company release Tuesday that “the current environment makes it too challenging to continue pursuing the transaction.”

Their decision to end the merger agreement will not deter them from their mission. They remain committed to helping people live more healthy days. Now more than ever, they are focused on helping to create a more consumer-focused, value-based health care system, committed to keeping members healthy throughout their lives.To accelerate their efforts, Aetna intends to capitalize on existing and future relationships with companies that share their vision of improving health care delivery. In addition, they’re continuing to work with the administration and government leaders to implement sound, viable, lasting policy solutions that can stabilize the nation’s health care system and help ensure access to affordable, high-quality health care for all Americans.

In the end, Aetna values their relationship with you and looks forward to sharing more information about Aetna offerings now and in the future. Please reach out to your Aetna representative if you have any questions.

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