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Centene Corporation Is Launching a New National Brand Allwell This Summer for Their Medicare Advantage Product Line!

Who Is Centene?

Centene Corporation, #66 on the Fortune 500 list, is a national healthcare enterprise that provides services to government-sponsored healthcare programs. They are the biggest name you’ve never heard of, and focus on under-insured and uninsured individuals in the healthcare marketplace. As a result, they are big players in the Medicaid market. Furthermore, Centene has established itself as a national leader in the healthcare services field. They are spreading their knowledge into the senior market by uniting their MA plans under a new name. Allwell Medicare Advantage plans will be coming to you this AEP!

Who Is Allwell?

January 1, 2017, plans from Centene in certain states will become Allwell Medicare Advantage plans. While you may not have heard of Allwell, you may have heard of the original plan names. Among these are Superior Health Plan in Texas, Sunshine Health in Florida and Peach State Health Plan in Georgia. They expect to be in every state by 2020. They will begin promoting the new products during the upcoming AEP, and the official brand launch is October 1, 2017. As a result, Centene hopes that by creating a strong national brand name, they will grow to become a widely recognized and trusted name in the Medicare marketplace.

Opportunities for You!

Along with this new brand name, Allwell will offer opportunities to agents such as:

  • Top level commissions, and opportunities for extra bonuses with each enrollment
  • Competitive products with generous provider networks, as well as premium savings
  • Innovative technology such as personal enrollment URLs that you can market, personal 1-800 numbers and the ability to compliantly enroll beneficiaries by phone
  • Fantastic training seminars, sales support & communications for you, the agent
  • An easy to use portal that will track leads, commissions and applications
  • Great customer service for beneficiaries
  • The ability to grow your book of business with a well known, experienced corporation

Most of all, Allwell strives to improve the lives of agents that sell Medicare Advantage for their livelihoods, and the clients that work with them.

The first step in getting in on the ground floor of this major health plan is getting contracted and certified! 

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