Sell More with the High Deductible F Plan

Welcome back to the Dynamic Duo with me, Allie Shipman, and my partner, John Shinn. The last two videos we talked about how you, the agent, can explain Medicare supplements to your clients. We specifically talked about plan F, plan G, and plan N. Today, we are going to talk about another very popular and high selling Medicare supplement called the high deductible F plan or HDF.

What Is the HDF Plan?

If you’ll remember from our previous videos, plan F pays for all Medicare approved charges that are not paid in full by Medicare. It pays for the hospital charges and doctor visits, and it’s one of our most popular plans with great value. The high deductible F plan is a little bit different. It works exactly the same as plan F, except your client is going to pay what Medicare doesn’t pay until they reach their annual out of pocket of $2200. Once they reach the $2200, the plan will work just like a plan F. It’s pretty simple.

A Great Value for Any Budget

The HDF Plan is popular with clients because it has a one of the lowest premiums available out of all the Medicare supplements. We’re talking about premiums in the $30-$40 range instead of another supplement in the $140-$150 range. You will sell these like crazy! So, it’s important that you understand how the high deductible F plan works.

Details about HDF

Agents selling Medicare supplements really need to know how to sell the HDF plan. It is pretty simple once you know how they work. It is just like a plan F that we talked about in our previous videos, except with the high deductible F plan, there’s a deductible involved. It is $2200 per year. What that means is that original Medicare’s going to come in and pay what they’re going to pay for hospital stays, outpatient surgeries, and doctors visits. Then, you pay your part until your part reaches $2200, per year. After that, the plan kicks in and works like a regular plan F. The thing you want to know here is that the big tradeoff is lower premiums. They’ll be about $30 to $40 per month versus $130-$140 per month for a regular plan F. This is a perfect plan to help clients get the most value and to add additional products. We will talk about cross selling in future videos.

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