What happens when your doctor stops accepting your insurance?

Study suggests link between blood pressure and dementia.What happens when your doctor stops accepting your insurance?

What happens when your doctor stops accepting your insurance? Do you find a new doctor? Change your insurance policy? What if the doctor leaves the carrier mid-year? Do patients get to change their insurance plans and carriers in the middle? A lot of insurance policies can only be changed during open enrollment which is from October to December. So, what do patients do then? The only option they really have is to look for a new doctor.

Agents can play a major role in situations like these. Helping the doctors retain lost patients and making sure they don’t lose any more. Furthermore, agents could be a great source for patients who are confused with these changes.

What are some things an agent can do to help the doctors and patients?


Help choose the right insurance policy

Make sure clients choose the right insurance policy every year. It is generally decided every year what insurance carrier will be accepted by the doctor’s office by their network.

Variety of carriers

Agents can make sure they keep a variety of accepted carriers among their patients. Thus, it would not lead to complete chaos when one carrier leaves the doctor’s network. This is beneficial for the doctors as it won’t make them lose all their patients. Moreover, the number of patients that will have to change the carriers and plans for the following year would be comparatively less. Also, this would prevent worse conditions if there is a network carrier change mid-year.

Connection with patients

We make sure we assist the patients with one-on-one meetings with the agents at their doctor’s office. This will help the agents to build a deeper connection with the patients and doctors.


This is a step Empower Brokerage is trying to take to make ensure both doctors and patients are not stressed when sudden changes take place. Agents can help facilitate this and make sure it runs smoothly.



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