Empower Brokerage Leads Programs

Empower Brokerage Leads Programs

Interested in working with Empower Brokerage? Want to learn more about our leads programs? At Empower Brokerage, we work hard to ensure our agents’ on-going success through leads production and distribution. Keep reading for a brief description of each leads program and resources we currently have available. We look forward to working with you!


Lead Maximizer

The Lead Maximizer is a database of global consumers and business information from which agents can build a list of prospects. When access is granted to Lead Maximizer, Empower provides an initial 2,000 leads credit. Priced at 10 cents per lead, this $200 investment is another way Empower works to ensure agent selling success. To gain access, agents must contract with 3-4 carriers through Empower Brokerage. Once approved, we will provide one-on-one Lead Maximizer training with an expert.


Pre-Set Appointments

Our telemarketing team targets seniors aged 64 to 78 by offering Medicare benefit reviews and sets up face-to-face appointments all over the U.S. at no cost to the agent. To qualify for this program, agents must be a top producing agent with Empower Brokerage and have their top carriers with us. i.e. Cigna, Humana, Aetna, UHC. This leads program is offered on a case-by-case basis, meaning agents are selected by Empower. When approved and selected to receive telemarketing leads, we assign agents to a county call list. Agents will receive an email containing training and a personalized calendar link where leads are added.

To get approved for these leads, we will first:

  • evaluate carriers an agent has with Empower
  • review past business
  • analyze the requested area to determine if it’s a good place to target leads

These leads are available to our top producing agents at no cost. Keep in mind, requesting these leads is not a guarantee you will receive them. Also, be advised this is not a continuous leads program; once we finish a county call list, we move on to other counties.


BRCs (Business Reply Cards)

Empower sends out a 1,000-piece mailer valued at $460.00. This cost is split with agents, so an agent can expect to pay $230.00 for a 1,000-piece mailer. By investing financially in these leads, agents get to choose criteria for the mailing such as income level, age, or geography. To qualify for these leads, agents need to produce consistent business with Empower Brokerage and also have a minimum of three senior carriers through us. We only do 50/50 co-op mailing for agents wanting to sell Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplements. If agents want to generate life insurance leads with a mailing, we suggest ordering through Kramer Direct.

Our two most popular and successful mailers are “Shedding the Light on the Important Changes in Medicare” and “Top Ten Medicare Mistakes.” In addition to the mailers, we provide free, customizable brochures on our agent portal to use during face-to-face meetings. To view our selection of brochures, click here.



This new leads program is a CRM distribution system located on our website. Leads are prioritized by the system’s robust filters that notify agents via email of new web-based consumer-facing internet leads. In addition to saving client status and dispositioning, LeadServ offers analytics to track results. To gain access to this lead program, agents must first complete all required training on Empower University: New Agent Orientation, Leads Programs Prerequisite Training, CSG Comparative Rater Training, and Alpha Leads Advanced Training. Once training is complete, agents must undergo a consultation with John Shinn and Bill Bronson to discuss necessary contracts. You can reach John Shinn at (888) 539-1633 x 5818 and Bill Bronson at (888) 539-1633 x 5820.


Alpha Marketing Leads

Following pre-set appointments, Alpha leads are the most expensive leads Empower Brokerage offers to agents. While these leads are offered at no cost, we do expect agents to meet our contracting requirements: three senior carriers that are competitive in an agent’s area. To find the competitive carriers in a particular area, pull a quote from our Comparative Rater. In addition to having the right contracts, agents must complete the Alpha Leads Advanced Training on our website. Agents who consistently write business for Empower Brokerage will have a greater advantage of qualifying for these free leads.


Mandatory Training

If interested in Empower’s leads programs, you must adhere to Empower guidelines. Our new leads program initiative requires all agents to complete a Fact Finder for every Empower lead they work to continue receiving leads. Also, agents must complete mandatory training on our agent portal. The course is titled Leads Program Prerequisite. Once the training is completed, Empower will be notified. We will reach out and answer any questions about the training and advise on which carriers to contract.



If you have additional questions about our leads programs or wish to get contracted with Empower Brokerage, please contact our leads administrator Tyler Culp.

Tyler Culp
(888) 539-1633 Ext. 5831