Generation Z in the Workplace

Generation Z in the workplace is hard for many to imagine. Time certainly does fly when you are living in the digital world. More alarming, a large percentage of this generation is in their early twenties now!

What is Generation Z?

Born between the mid-1990s and 2010, Gen Z is the newest generation entering the workforce. They are not digital pioneers, they are digital natives. Mainly, Gen Z wants their independence and to make a significant difference in the world.  They are learning from millennials, the age that wanted a more balanced work and social life. Gen Z expects flexibility in the workplace but they do have the self-motivation to get as many things done as soon as possible.


What Makes Generation Z Different?

This generation does not anticipate sitting in an office all day, but would much rather do the work on-the-go. They do not need to meet in person when they have the means of being in a room digitally. They also do most of their communication through social media in order to reach the masses while still maintaining one target audience. Gen Z representative Jonah Stillman described the new outlook, stating, “For every physical element there is a digital element.” He said the line between Gen Z and their counterparts “has not just been blurred, it’s been completely eliminated.” Aside from technology, Gen Z is also heavily influenced by politics and world views. In turn, young people have more of an influence on other generations when it comes to international debates these days. To call them “outspoken” would be an understatement, they are not afraid to challenge the norm.

What is Next?

Many Gen Zers worry less about how much money they are making and more about what kind of impression they are making on the world and environment. “They believe profoundly in the efficacy of dialogue to solve conflicts and improve the world,” according to Expect Gen Z to bring their talents and passions to the workplace but with new motivation. They are more likely to accept a job based on the company’s values and beliefs rather than the pay or work itself. Generation Z in the workplace means companies should be more cautious of who they cater to and how they approach their advertising. They care about ethical business practices and are prepared to go to battle for equality.

What About Other Generations?

Should Gen Xers and millennials worry about their jobs being replaced? According to a Purdue University study, probably not. Gen X should be safe until retirement because Gen Z typically works better under a millennial. The oldest generation at work has learned to adapt to the ever-changing technology, allowing them to keep up with the latest work trends. Gen Xers also have a better work ethic, giving them more job security.

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