Are You Ready For Tax Season?

Reminders and Resources for Tax Season

As the plan year 2017 Open Enrollment ends, the tax season begins! If consumers had Marketplace insurance last year in 2016, then they will receive a Form 1095-A from CMS; it will be prepopulated with the information about their health coverage. With this form, consumers can file their taxes, reconcile advance payments of the premium tax credit (APTC), or claim the premium tax credit for the first time.

For more information about the forms, instructions, and tools you need to better help your clients during tax season, visit Check out this blog post for additional tax tips.

Important Dates

April 18, 2017: Tax Day for Tax Year 2016; Filing deadline for Federal Income Tax Returns

Who to Contact for Tax-Related Questions

During tax season, you may provide information to consumers about the APTC reconciliation process and the 1095-A tax form they receive. However, for questions and advice regarding their personal situation, refer consumers to a tax professional or the tax assistance options available at: or

Additionally, you can refer consumers to the Marketplace Call Center or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). See the chart below for example tax-related questions to better route consumers to the proper contact.

Help Consumers Avoid Tax Fraud

Are your clients interested in having someone assist them with their taxes? Then make sure they choose a qualified tax preparer and don’t fall victim to any potential scams. Go over these helpful tips with your clients about checking a preparer’s credentials and reporting abusive preparers to the IRS.

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