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screen time
screen time

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Through the midst of the pandemic, parents have discovered how hard it can be to keep children entertained. One of the simplest ways is to let the child have screen time. However, it is understandable that you may be concerned about the amount of time your child spends staring at a screen. Here are a few different ideas you can try this summer to begin avoiding screen time.

Screen Time Free Activities

Create a busy box. This first idea is simple to pull out when looking to avoid screen time for your children. The “busy box” is just a container that holds various activities your child can do. It can hold arts and crafts, puzzles, coloring books, etc.; just any activity that can occupy the brain.

Let them help. A simple way to keep your children from the screen that may also benefit you is by letting them help around the house. Have them help gather ingredients for dinner or give them a small chore while tidying the house. Kids love to feel independent, and this keeps them away from their screens.

Creative toys. Some toys lose their novelty soon after they are bought. This is why toys like Legos, Playdoh, or building blocks are a great option. They can be used and reused a million times and they are great to spur creativity in children.

Outdoor play. You can keep it very old school and just encourage your child to go outside and play. Give them a ball and let them have fun. Of course, you want to keep safety in mind and keep your child in your line of sight, but this is a great alternative to a tablet or tv.

Have a scavenger hunt. This particular idea does not have to be too complex. You can just ask them to find you an object that is a certain color or one that starts with a certain letter. Your children will be running around the house to find the item they will not need a screen to entertain themselves.

Host playdates. If it ever gets too crazy, you can always plan some playdates with a neighbor or friend. It can be an agreement that is made between you and another parent. It allows you a few hours of peace and it keeps your child entertained with socialization as opposed to a screen.


We hope this information on avoiding screen time is helpful to you.

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