Business Attire For Insurance Agents

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Business Attire For Insurance Agents

As agents, you want to look your best when you sell insurance. There are different ways to look your best, and each job has requirements or ideas of what it means to have appropriate work attire. What should be the business attire for insurance agents?

What is the business attire for meeting a client?

You must assess a given situation to wear the appropriate attire for your role as an agent. Let’s present a few scenarios. It is a hot day in August, and you have scheduled to meet a client at his home. You might consider wearing a polo-style shirt with slacks and business shoes. If you are wearing a polo shirt, you could wear one with a small logo of your field marketing organization right above the left side of your chest. If it is a blistering cold day in February with winds howling, remember to wear a well-kept one-colored jacket that will keep you warm. Don’t wear anything torn or ragged. If you dress well, you will feel good about yourself, and that positivity can help you be more effective in your work. Researchers have discovered how the clothes a person wears impact their psychological processes. Let’s say you are meeting a new client who has agreed to meet you while he is working at a construction site. Wearing a collared shirt with a pair of non-ripped jeans might be more relatable than wearing a suit and tie.

What is the business attire at the office?

There are three potential dress codes for places of employment: smart casual, business casual, and business professional.

Smart casual is probably the least seen dress code in a business setting. This clothing style appears in offices with informal settings and features “a clean, yet comfortable, semi-formal appearance” with trendy clothing. Examples include structured t-shirts and clean sneakers. Agents, I would not recommend this look for meeting clients or office settings. Choosing to wear business casual or business professional is the way to go.

Business casual is a more popular dress code for modern offices. This style combines traditional business clothes with a relaxed look yet remains professional and suitable for the office setting. You may consider wearing slacks or dark-colored jeans with no rips or holes, knee-length skirts, blouses, henleys, a button-down shirt or polo shirt tucked in with a belt. The business casual dress code incorporates closed-toed shoes such as Oxfords, loafers, pumps, or flat shoes.

Traditional work settings such as government, law, and banking offices exhibit the business professional dress code. Dark-colored solid business suits, pants suits, blazers, and pressed or wrinkle-free button-down shirts are the hallmarks of this style. Ties should have a solid color, stripes, or conservative design. Jewelry should be simple and minimal. Experts recommend refraining from using heavy perfume or body sprays with this dress code and all others as well.  Remember to read your company’s employee handbook to learn the business attire expected of you in your office space.

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