You Should Sell Medicare Supplements During AEP

Medicare Supplements

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Medicare Supplements are great to sell during AEP and outside of it. Specifically, because they work well for certain clients and they are an easy product to sell to increase your earnings and diversify your book of business.

Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

Not all Medicare-eligibles find Medicare Advantage plans to be the best option. They may not be offered where your client lives and if the health insurers are contracted with certain providers to be in their network, your client may not be able to see their usual doctor. Instead, you could enroll them in Original Medicare and let them purchase a Medicare Supplement to cover what makes sense for their lifestyle.

Similarly, some clients may find that they would pay more out-of-pocket for their prescriptions with a Medicare Advantage plan. You would want to determine if their medication would cost less with a stand-alone prescription drug plan and a Medicare Supplement. You would never want your client to feel like they need to skip their medication or ration.

How You Benefit from Selling Medicare Supplements

As for you, selling Medicare Supplements allows you to expand your client base and increase commissions. You extend your net to capture those who prefer enrolling in Original Medicare instead of private Medicare Advantage plans. Another benefit is that most Medicare Supplements do not require annual certification, so that removes the worry of completing the certification every year. Additionally, there are e-applications available through most carriers, therefore, depending on your state and carrier regulations, you may be able to sell these plans over the phone, or from your own home.

In order to get the most out of selling Medicare Supplements during AEP, you want to make sure you are keeping up with all the changes happening in the Medicare Supplements industry. There may be changes that affect your client and you want to make sure to get in front of the issue. You should also consider offering a good prescription drug plan. A prescription drug plan is going to be necessary if your client wants to enroll in Original Medicare. This ensures they will not face a penalty for not having prescription drug coverage.


We hope this information on selling medicare supplements during AEP is helpful to you.

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