Dates to consider when selling Humana Medicare

Dates occurring every year for those eligible for Medicare

Attention agents! Make sure you take heed of important dates in the senior market! Staying apprised of these dates is critical for not only how to approach prospects to make a sale, but also marketing strategies. Outside of the Annual Election Period (AEP), agents should solicit and push for Medicare Supplement sales, which can be made year-round. Medicare Supplements get agents in front of prospects and can easily transition into additional sales in life insurance. Moreover, if someone doesn’t qualify for a Medicare Supplement then they’ll likely make for a great prospect to¬†revisit during AEP. Then once AEP comes around again, agents can refocus more heavily on Medicare Advantage. Ultimately, these dates influence which products agents should promote during the year.

(Eligibility is considered for those that are in a 90 day period of turning 65, you are in the month of your 65th birthday, it has been 90 days since you turned 65, and/or if you retired after 65 than enrollment depends on when your employer-sponsored coverage ends)

Oct. 1 ‚Äď Oct. 14 Pre-enrollment Period:

During this period, individuals can find out which products will be offered during the Annual Election Period.

Oct. 15 ‚Äď Dec. 7 Annual Election Period (AEP):

Someone can enroll in a Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan for the next calendar year.

Jan. 1 ‚Äď Feb. 14 Annual Disenrollment Period (ADP)¬†for Medicare Advantage plans and prescription
drug plans:

During this time, people can disenroll from a Medicare Advantage plan and return to Original Medicare. They can then also enroll in a stand-alone prescription drug plan if they choose. However, they can’t select another Medicare Advantage plan at this time.

Feb. 15 ‚Äď Oct. 14

Generally, someone can only make changes if they qualify for a special enrollment period. If eligible for a special election, a person can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan outside of the Annual Election Period.  An example of a qualifying event is moving from your plan’s service area; this triggers an enrollment period to apply for a new plan. Qualifying for Medicaid is another example of an exception.

Unlike Medicare Advantage, someone can purchase a Medicare supplement plan any time during the year. However, restrictions may apply such as not qualifying for guaranteed acceptance.

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