Top 10 Reasons to Sell New Core Access

Top 10 Reasons to Sell New Core Access

Increases in major medical deductibles have led many people to seek alternative options to help cover their medical costs. Fixed indemnity plans have been growing in popularity and may be just what your clients are looking for to help offset their healthcare expenditures! Core Access fixed indemnity plans pay cash benefits for qualifying medical expenses. This predictable-benefit product can help cover the costs of common or even unexpected medical expenses for your client. Benefits of UnitedHealthOne co-branded Core Access fixed indemnity plans include:

  1. No coordination of benefits. Core Access plans do not coordinate benefits with other health insurance plans, so there is no waiting for benefits to be paid.
  2. Deductible choices to help lower premium. Core Access deductible options range from $0 to $5,000. By choosing a deductible greater than $0 your clients are agreeing to a reduction of benefits paid in exchange for a lower premium.
  3. Preventive care benefits without a deductible. Preventive care is covered based with no waiting period for the selected benefit amount on all 4 Core Access plans and includes: routine physical examinations, including diagnostic tests, Pap smears, mammograms, immunizations, and prostate/ colorectal cancer screening.
  4. Maternity benefits. Maternity benefits are available on Core Access Value 2 and Core Access Premier 2 after a 12 month waiting period, before the onset of pregnancy.
  5. Choice of providers, but savings with MultiPlan National Network. Clients have the flexibility to choose any doctor or provider in the United States. Additional cost savings are available when your clients choose a provider who is part of the MultiPlan national network, but network providers are not required to receive benefits.
  6. Historically, no rate increases. Since inception of the product, there have been no increases in premiums for in-force business.
  7. Unlimited benefits for hospital confinements. All Core Access plans cover an unlimited number of hospital confinements.
  8. Pre-existing conditions covered after 12 months. Covered benefits for pre-existing conditions are payable after the insured has been covered by the policy for 12 consecutive months.
  9. No lifetime benefit maximum.* Overall cash benefits are not capped for as long as the plan is in effect.
  10. Guaranteed renewable. Your clients and their families cannot be singled out for a rate increase or cancellation based solely on changes to their health.

*There is a lifetime treatment maximum for chemotherapy and radiation.

With these 10 amazing benefits to UnitedHealthOne’s Core Access fixed indemnity plans, there’s really  no reason why any agent should not be selling this product. Get contracted with UnitedHealthOne today so that you can add this great product to your portfolio!

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