Dave’s Corner: The Three R’s

Dave’s Corner: The Three R’s

In this edition of Dave’s Corner, it’s important that you know you have somebody in your corner at all times. So today’s little tip is the three R’s; what it’s like to refocus, why it’s important to refuel, and more importantly why it’s important to retool. I’m a regional sales director here with Empower Brokerage and my role is to influence each and every one of you to challenge yourself in your professional life. So each week from Dave’s Corner, I’ll be coming up with resources, tips, and advice.


It’s important to know that everyone needs to be able to refocus. Focus on what you love. Find out why you got into the insurance business. And I know it gets tough out there but we all have to refocus at times. And here’s my tip, when you go to bed at night and you’ve got everything laid out for tomorrow and you’re going through your checklist make sure you add a picture of one of your loved ones. Maybe it’s a niece and nephew and that’s why you’re in the insurance business because you have to support them due to an unfortunate incident. But maybe you have a picture of your spouse or your kids. Refocus, have that picture in your car, or put it in your notebook so when you’re about to do a presentation and you’re reviewing your notes you’re going to have a picture right there. It can help you refocus.


Next, we want to talk about why it’s important to refuel. Fatigue severely inhibits performance. It’s called burnout. Everyone has it, everyone experiences it. Make sure you’re refueling not only your body with the right nutrition, but you’ve got to be able to recharge your own batteries. Plug in at night, zone out and go home. Focus on the kids, focus on your favorite show. Make sure you’re refueling yourself. Get plenty of rest. It’s important that we do that.


Lastly, you have to be able to retool yourself. You need to be able to revamp, get a tune up. A performance car is designed for speed. And every now and then it’s going to give you that speed but every now and then you’re going to need that tune up so take it in. You yourself need a tune up. Do some spa time, do some pampering. Meet old friends. Go fishing. Whatever it might be, but get yourself tuned up. Participate in local events. Getting involved in the community might help you be able to retool what you are able to offer. Performance partners check into that. Empower has an awesome performance partners class. But each of us needs to use retools in our own way. We offer you comparative raters, and certain contacts you might be able to retool yourself with.  The three Rs everyone needs to be able to

So remember the three R’s: everyone needs to be able to refuel, refocus, and retool yourself. I’m David Russell, and I’m in your corner. Stay tuned for next week and we’ll talk to you soon.

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