Mario Briones, New Regional Sales Director In El Paso

Mario Briones Empower RSD

Our team is expanding! Mario Briones joins Empower Brokerage as our new Regional Sales Director in El Paso, Texas. With hundreds of agents in the El Paso region, Empower has brought on board Mario Briones to solidify the area as our new RSD.

Mario Briones Experience & Partnership With Empower

Briones has worked in the insurance world for over 8 years enjoying the ability to bring needed products to clients and providing peace of mind. With a background to provide help to both agents and consumers, Briones believes he can use his knowledge to better serve his community. “My Working experience as an Insurance agent has allowed me to maximize my ability to build on strong positive relationships, ensure growth attainment and increase our firm’s reputation.” He went on to state that his dedication to the industry as a career, but also his presence of working with agents and consumers will help him solidify the footprint in the El Paso region. When asked about why he decided to work with Empower, Briones stated Empower “offers a vast range of products helping agents build a sound portfolio to ensure they remain competitive and build-up their book of business.  Call it a, “One Stop Shop of Products and Resources”. He went on to state the Empower Brokerage is structured to not only focus on an individual’s future goals but also to protect families most of all.

Goals In El Paso Market

In his first few months, Briones hopes to build relationships with new and seasoned agents who are currently onboarding in the El Paso Market. “I will be a resource for them to lean on and to realize the growth opportunity not only in Empower’s business but their business as well.” Briones hopes to expand the El Paso business in four big ways.

  1. Focusing on existing business and agents by promoting opportunities/products agents can introduce to existing clientele using the Empower Brokerage family of products.
  1. Meeting with active Empower Brokerage agents who are willing to team-build in the El Paso region for growth and expansion.
  1. Increase the Empower Brokerage brand by holding (EB) introduction recruiting events with active agents who are not part of our team.
  1. Recruit five direct Empower Brokerage agents with the vision to grow the El Paso market.

Marketing will also play a large part in his day to day duties implementing “marketing strategies to promote new opportunities and products. Participating with agents in local information events occurring in and around the El Paso region, e.g. Senior Centers, Alternative Schools, Colleges and Universities.”

Future Outlook & Potential Difficulties

Briones is looking forward to “seeing and feeling the growth in the El Paso region”. He hopes to one say set up a brick and mortar location which will support our agents and continued growth. “As our region grows and as demand for support from agents continues to expand, additional support will be adjusted to meet these demands as they become more prevalent.” When asked about potential difficulties Briones believes the mindset of agents “thinking there is no alternative to who they have now as an, IMO/FMO. Moreover, the uncertainties and preconceived biases that come along with making a change especially when it comes to moving from an IMO/FMO they’ve been part of for a period of time.”  Briones would like to see the areas recognized potential come to fruition. “ The long-awaited and expected production the company expected from the El Paso region has finally taken-hold and will continue to show growth through a sound and concerted team effort of the El Paso agents and support staff going forward.”


We would like to welcome with open arms new El Paso Regional Sales Director, Mario Briones. To get in contact with the Briones, give him a call at 817-410-58** or by emailing him at

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