Congratulations to Jadon Sennet

Jadon Sennet was chosen as our May Team Member of the Month, and with good reason. His peers said that he’s helpful, reliable, and always willing to dive deep into whatever project needs work.

His duties include:

  • Writing for, and
  • Developing email campaigns
  • Building under-65 health resources, in collaboration with our Health Products Specialist, Jeff Hess
  • Managing Twitter and Facebook for Empower Brokerage, Empower Alabama Retirees, and Empower Medicare Supplements
  • Developing strategies for video sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Creating sharables and infographics
  • Supporting our Cigna HealthSpring initiatives

Jadon has been a Specialist on the Marketing Team for almost a full year and has made great improvements to the Empower Brokerage social media presence. In 2017 he implemented an ever-expanding social media strategy of cross-linked pages and advertising, with direction from Social Media Strategist Jeff Cline. Today, he manages 5 social profiles and numerous ad campaigns that generate leads for the Empower Brokerage call centers, as well as independent brokerage agents. His ability to handle this type of initiative is not surprising. After all, he graduated from The University of North Texas with a degree in Advertising and was President of his fraternity. Now, he can show what he learned and dig much deeper into the science of it, as he’s known to do. At only 23, he’s making a big impact in an industry that needs fresh ideas and innovative communications strategies.
In his personal life, Jadon is passionate about helping others with their faith in God. He says that his faith has had a profound effect on his life and he wants to help others find the same peace he’s found. Jadon hopes the story of his journey will help others repair or enhance their own lives for the better and help them come to a decision about their salvation. He is now planning a video series and podcast that attempt to answer some of the big questions people have and hopes it will help young people deal with those questions in a thoughtful way. “I just want to make a difference”, says Jadon.

We applaud his dedication at work and in his life.

Congratulations Jadon, keep up the good work.