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The Underside Of A Computer CPU

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When was the last time you rebooted your laptop or desktop? Have you updated the firmware or even closed out unused internet tabs? There is a reason why everything on a new computer operates so quickly, then later it does not. Your computer is very much like your car, albeit much less expensive. You must improve your machine by running timely updates and maintaining the hard drives. Today, I will discuss some proper computer etiquette tips.

Computer Updates

Whether you own a Mac or a PC, you must keep up with software updates. You can go into your settings tab and manually check for a system update so your computer can properly install the new software. The purpose of an update is to keep your computer running smoothly. Programs are constantly changing, upgrading, and sometimes even regressing. These computer updates are vital for your system’s health. Updates typically provide stability. If there is a problem that your platform noticed across many users, they may issue a fix for it via an update. But you would never have gotten it had you never updated your computer! Being on older firmware can also cause complications between your current programs. You may not be able to access certain programs until you update. So, keep that in mind! It’s a good rule of thumb to keep everything up to date.

Computer Slow Down

Do you have a slow computer that takes ages just to get on the internet? It may just be that your computer is just that old, or your computer may just be dirty. Now, I don’t mean filth in the sense of dirt and grime. What I mean is your programs and hard drive usage. You should take some time and uninstall or delete old unnecessary files still in your system. If your hard drive is full and you keep trying to save files to it, or you keep trying to access files while the hard drive is already at max capacity, slowing down is the only logical outcome. Imagine wearing a 100lb weighted vest and trying to run a marathon while someone keeps telling you to move faster. It won’t be so easy now, will it? If you have a dirty, grimy machine, your computer could still run poorly, so if it is filthy, you may want to use a microfiber cloth to clean it out.

Computer Upkeep

You can help your computer live a long, healthy life by staying off sketchy websites, only downloading items from trusted sites, and being sure to reset or shut off your computer every day. This little hack helps by resetting your RAM and clearing any temporary files. Yes, it’s faster to default to sleep mode and return to your program in the morning, but it also makes your system run much slower. Restarting your desktop or laptop is a must-do if you plan on keeping your machine for a long time.

Don’t worry about not having the latest and greatest computer. You don’t need to purchase the most expensive components on the market. Chances are, you won’t even need them. If you are only doing office work with Excel and PointPoint programs, a simple laptop will help get the job done. Don’t overspend for something that you can salvage on your own!

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