Employee Of The Month November: Jeff Hess


Employee Of The Month November: Jeff Hess

Congratulations to Product Specialist Jeff Hess, who has been picked as Employee of the Month for this November.

Jeff has been with Empower Brokerage since October of 2001, where he has worked closely with all Short term, Individual, and Ancillary products & clients.

Jeff saw an opportunity at Empower Brokerage when he first arrived finding the insurance world engaging, constantly changing, and it bringing a new experience each day.

Jeff has the heart to help others and when asked why he enjoys the insurance field he states, “There is nothing like helping others succeed in what they have chosen to do in life and support those efforts.”

Jeff believes the biggest obstacle to overcome in the insurance world, is the object of oneself and he looks at obstacles as opportunities.

Throughout the AEP & OEP Jeff has put in multiple late nights and early mornings to make sure our agents have what they need necessary in order to succeed this and every season.

Jeffs favorite part of Empower is that it challenges him to keep up with the constantly changing market while letting him share that knowledge through teaching and administration.

Thank you, Jeff, for your constant service to Empower Brokerage and congratulations on Employee of the Month.

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