Gardening Health Benefits


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Getting outside and gardening comes with many health benefits such as increasing Vitamin D, providing physical activity, and relieving stress. There are several ways to get involved in gardening. You may create your own garden, help out in a friend’s garden, or even get involved in a community garden. However you make it happen, your body will thank you for it.

Relieving Stress

Stress relief is a wonderful benefit of gardening as well as helping to improve your mood. Science has shown that spending time gardening can actually lower the stress hormone cortisol and usher your body back into a more relaxed state. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can also be improved significantly by getting outside and gardening. Being out in the fresh air refreshes and clears out your lungs. This causes an increase in oxygen absorption which leads to an increase in serotonin production. Serotonin is sort of a happiness hormone and helps to boost your mood.

Physical Activity

Gardening tasks cover a whole range of activities. You may end up shoveling, digging, crawling, raking, or lifting thing all in the same afternoon. These activities count as exercise and depending on what you are doing, gardening typically falls into the moderate or vigorous difficulty level. Many people find garden work to be both satisfying and enjoyable all the while getting their physical activity in. Exercise that you don’t even realize you are doing? That seems like the perfect workout.

Vitamin D

Our bodies thrive with regular sun exposure. Exposure to the sun causes our bodies to make Vitamin D which is a vitally important vitamin in the body. It is responsible for facilitating many different functions within the body and is necessary to optimize overall health. Vitamin D is crucial for strengthening the immune system, sustaining bone health, as well as reducing the risk of many cancers. While sun exposure has many benefits, be sure to keep track of your exposure so that you do not risk sunburn or overexposure.


We hope that this information on the health benefits of gardening is useful to you.

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