How You Can Help As An Insurance Agent

insurance agent help

One of the greatest goals of an agent is to help your client find a policy that best fits their needs. As a refresher, here is how you can help as an insurance agent!

Estimate Need of Coverage

One of the first things you should do as an agent is get to know your client. Ask questions regarding their finances and use that to help you decide the amount of coverage they need. Make sure you remind them that you are there to help, and that that requires them to be honest with you.

Search for the Best Coverage

Once you determine the amount of coverage your client needs, you should begin searching for the best options for them. A client is trusting your expertise, so they want to be shown the best plans for their needs. As a good insurance agent, your priority is to satisfy the client.

Select the Best Option

After shopping around for the best options, you will assist your client in choosing the correct one. Your job is to educate your client and explain every policy you have shown them. Answering questions is an important aspect of this process. Make sure you have satisfied the client’s requests on coverage and premium.

Retain Clients Coverage

Your job is not done once the client purchases their policy. You are expected to assist them in the renewal process. It is also a good idea to check in with your client before renewals to make sure their policy was and still is right for them. We recommend following our 30-60-90 day follow up plan. Change happens and that might be something that you need to address once going into a renewal period.

Help with Claims

Understanding how to help your client with an insurance claim is such an important part of your job. It will most likely be a stressful and confusing time for them. So, you can help ease their anxiety by acting as an intermediary between the insurance company and your client. Also, being available for any questions that arise is crucial.


We hope this information on how you can help as an insurance agent is helpful to you.

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