Get Contracted with BOTH Assurant and National General Today!!


National General Insurance Company (NGIC) bought Time/Assurant! As a result, the ancillary products for both carriers will be combined under the NGIC umbrella. While this change is still processing, it’s important to be prepared, especially since the combination of the ancillary products will alter an agent’s contract with either carrier.

Make Sure You Get Contracted with BOTH Carriers Through Empower!

If you have a contract with Assurant, you need to get contracted with National General and vice versa. If you have National General, you need Assurant.

Moreover, it’s important that BOTH carriers are contracted through Empower. If both contracts are not through Empower, then there may be contracting complications down the road. Additionally, if both contracts are not through Empower, then there may be additional complications with the ACA Express Engine.

Pull Quotes Like A Pro

On that note, you should register for the ACA Express Engine if you haven’t already! You can pull quotes and upload applications more easily and quickly than if you completed the application process primarily through! Also, National General has been added to the Express Engine! All the more reason to register today!

Get contracted with National General AND Assurant today to avoid any contracting issues!!

(Both Assurant and National General contracts need to be through Empower)

If you have any questions about contracting, contact Sara Russell, ext. 5804. For questions regarding the carriers, call Jeff Hess, ext. 5816.


We hope that this information on getting contracted is useful to you.

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