Paul Manginelli Talks About the Benefits of Working with Empower Brokerage

Fact Finder 

At the Life Summit, we covered a lot of information, but I wanted to point out a couple important items. We talk about the extensive fact finder that was put together by Empower staff. It really is a roadmap on finding the facts and finding out what’s important to the customer. Ultimately, this is a valuable tool that every agency should incorporate into their sales interview.

Lead Programs

The lead program at Empower Brokerage has a phenomenal lead program. It┬áprovides leads at no cost in many cases. However, there’s also shared costs for the business reply card mailers. Aside from those leads, all other programs are at no cost to the agent. We have a range of lead programs. First, there’s the Lead Maximizer, which is a data mining system agents can use to create their own call lists and mail lists. Then, agents can also qualify for telemarketed leads, which involved pre-set appointments with qualified leads! Lastly, there’s the Internet leads, which are filtered through our LeadServ CRM system that is available to agents in our agent back-office. It’s probably one of the most extensive programs out there in the industry so we want to make sure the agents are not only familiar with our programs but also the qualifications and training. If not, go to the website or reach out to one of us so we can make sure that you’re taking advantage of our lead programs.

Sales Contests

The last item I wanted to cover is the sales events and sales incentives. Empower has an annual trip to Mexico next year. You can find more information about it here. Additionally, each individual carrier that presented at the live summit have their own reward program that’s going on. So, reach out to myself or my partner Enrique Torres, and we can give you updates on those carriers and their incentive programs. Lastly, Empower Brokerage has an iPad promotion that’s going on. It’s very simple; basically, write five applications and you’re eligible to win an iPad.

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