Dynamic Duo: Medicare Part A

Allie explains the basics of Medicare Part A

Welcome back to the dynamic duo with me, Allison Shipman, and John Shinn! Today, we’re going to dive a little more into Medicare Part A and how you, the agent, can explain it a little easier to your clients. So, in general, Part A covers hospital visits. It includes a deductible of $1316 and covers the first 60 days of a hospital stay completely except for that deductible. Other services it covers include acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals, and patient rehabilitation facilities. It covers skilled nursing facilities, nursing home care, hospice services and home health services.

John goes more in-depth about Medicare Part A

A couple more things I might to add to what we’re talking about with Part A. It is real basic, and successful agents in the field always refer to the Medicare & You Guide – 2017. This is the official US Government guide to understanding Medicare. This is how all the pros in the field study up on Medicare facts every year. It is absolutely everything you need to know about Medicare for the current year. Once you’ve studied it, you’re good to go. Part A is simpler than you might think. Medicare does a great job of paying for inpatient care under Original Medicare. Just like we mentioned, it pays 100% of approved and eligible charges of the first 60 days in the hospital, except for that $1316 deductible.

Now, that is not an annual deductible. That’s a per occurrence deductible, per benefit period. For those of you who are just starting out with this, when you read about benefit periods, you will find out that benefit periods are 60 days. You pay that Part A deductible for each separate benefit period. In other words, you could pay that deductible multiple times a year. Now, we are getting to the need of Medicare supplements. Medicare supplements like plan F, plan G, and Plan N are the three most popular Medicare supplements. They pay that Part A deductible and work the same way. We’re going to talk about that on videos to come. Thanks Allison, and we appreciate you all watching the video and we’ll see you next time.

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