Plan Year 2022 Registration & Planning Postponed

Plan Year 2022

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Plan Year 2022 registration and training will be postponed. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced their plan to postpone PY 2022 registration and training until late summer. Agents and brokers have been busy assisting many consumers with the current SEP, which will remain in effect until August 15, 2021. In order to give agents and brokers the ability to continue focusing on serving consumers for the duration of the SEP, Plan Year 2022 registration and training will be delayed until the end of the current SEP.

CMS will provide more updates and details for the new timeframe at a later date. For answers to frequently asked questions about registration and training, please check out the CMS FAQ webpage HERE.



We hope that this information on the postponement of registration and training for Plan Year 2022 is useful to you.

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