Three New Year’s Resolution Replacements

If you’re in the mood for something different in 2021, try one of these new year’s resolution replacements, instead!

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2021, and if you’re anything like me, your new year’s resolutions will likely start to dissolve around mid-January. According to both a poll from FranklinCovey and a study from the Journal of Clinical Psychology, approximately one in three resolutions don’t even last until February. Luckily, since the “new year, new me” philosophy doesn’t pan out for everyone, there are tons of other opportunities to adopt better habits and set new goals in the new year that you’ll actually want to stick with! If you’re in the mood for something different in 2021, try one of these new year’s resolution replacements, instead!

Compile a 21 For ‘21 list

Creating a list of goals, like author Gretchen Rubin’s 21 for 2021 list, helps take the overarching concept of a broad new year’s resolution and turn it into smaller, more tangible goals! The idea behind a 21 for ’21 list is simple: compile a list of things you want to accomplish, avoid, or do by the end of 2021! Make sure to make #21 something like “swap something on this list for an activity I’d rather do” so that you have some room for flexibility!

Setting Positive Intentions

Many researchers and historians have dubbed 2020 one of the most difficult years in recorded history. Melissa Locker of AARP says that makes 2021 the perfect time to overhaul the antiquated resolution system in favor of setting new year’s intentions instead.  The goal is to focus on the journey rather than the destination. Instead of vowing to lose weight in the new year, set the intentions of better nourishing your body with nutritious foods and visiting the gym a few times each week! By reframing your goals, you are more likely to stick with them since they seem more approachable and concrete!

Take on a 365 Project

A 365 project dives deeper into the idea of breaking a resolution down into manageable parts – 365 parts, to be exact! If your overarching goal is to become more flexible, set a goal of stretching for five minutes a day, every day for the entire year. If you want to start a passion project in 2021, like a podcast, carve out a set amount of time each day to work on it. By the end of the year, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve accomplished!


We hope this information on new year’s resolution replacements is helpful to you.

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