How restaurants are combating COVID

How restaurants are combating COVID

After one of the hardest years ever for the food industry, how restaurants combat COVID will set them up for success in the future. After the COVID-19 Pandemic forced restauranteurs to think outside the box about new dining concepts in the midst of a pandemic, some unique ideas were born out of it and will carry on into the future. According to the National Restaurant Association, the service industry is expected to lose $240 billion in revenue for the calendar year.

Outdoor transition

One of the main ways the restaurant industry was reimagined, was with outdoor dining. When establishments began to reopen after the first lockdown, places had to create new ways for patrons to come and enjoy meals in a safe manner. From building a makeshift patio in a parking lot to adding fans and heaters and more, the restaurant experience changed forever during the early stages of the pandemic.

Trying to make the outdoors look like the inside is not an easy task, but it is one that some restaurants pulled off in extravagant ways making their transition as smooth as possible.

Changing up the menu

One thing restaurants will have to consider as the weather turns colder is what kind of food to serve. While some places might not want to change their menus for various reasons, adding things that would be more accommodating in cold weather will be something to monitor throughout the winter months, especially in places where the temperatures can get quite chilly. Adding more warm foods that are enjoyable in low temperatures will be a way these places are able to stay open and still make money despite the difficult conditions.

Keeping patrons involved

This is one of the biggest hurdles restaurants have to deal with today. How can they stay engaged with their loyal customers who have been visiting for years? Besides just doing the basic takeout meals, things such as virtual happy hours or special holiday meals will help keep the audience that has been built up over years. Other things like selling gift cards, or “buy one, get one free” meals for future use when things are allowed to return to normal are also a big help.



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