Three Tips for Selling Medicare Plans with Humana

 1. Be Available to Clients Online

Building your clientele can seem challenging if you are new in the business of selling Medicare insurance. However, as connected as society is today, there are more ways to prospect for clients than ever before. There’s social media for instance. Did you know that over 80% of Americans now have a social media account? Even older generations are creating Facebook accounts. So if you don’t have a Facebook, then you’re missing out on a large pool of prospective clients! Create a business page and reach out to people on social media. Post important information about the Medicare industry and incentivize people to share the post! You can also share product updates, sales tips, and other great information provided by Humana! Posting Humana content shows that you represent great carriers. Then, take your online appearance a step further and establish your own website. With a website, you appear both authoritative and professional.

2. Be in Touch with Your Clients

Remaining in constant contact with current clients and following up with new or prospective clients is imperative. For the most part, people are unaware of the enrollment process for Medicare. Therefore, it’s important to walk them through the process. More importantly, you need to keep them apprised of major deadlines. You do not want to wait to help clients at the last minutes because the deadlines may come and go. If the deadline passes, your client goes without coverage for that year. Instead encourage them to start the process as soon as possible.  Be prepared with your marketing kits and tools. More specifically, take advantage of the customizable marketing materials from Humana. Instead of creating marketing materials from scratch, save yourself some time and use marketing materials that highlight a great carrier.

Another reason why staying in touch is critical is retention. People who feel cared for are more likely to remain a client. Social media is one way to constantly stay in touch with your client base at large. However, it’s also important to keep the business personal as well. Take note of important dates in your client’s personal lives like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Also, pay attention to their family; they likely have a family member who can benefit from your services. Knowing these dates and details not only shows that you pay attention to the lives of your clients, but it can also be a good way to introduce new products to them and their family members.

3. Be an Agent Clients Trust

As we approach the upcoming months, when 2018 Medicare plans will come available, it is important to start planning.  Many seniors will be turning 65 or have in the last year and are now available for Medicare and the different coverage plans.  It is important to keep this in mind, as they now have several options available to them. Likely, they’ve already begun to receive information in the mail regarding Medicare. T-65 prospects are prime prospects during this time, and as such, they are bombarded by insurance companies and insurance agencies. As confusing as insurance oftentimes is, consumers feel overwhelmed with their coverage options. That’s where you come in. Your main goal is to be someone they can trust. You want to help improve their understanding of the options open to them so that they can make a well-informed decision regarding their health insurance. You need to constantly consider what is in your client’s best interest. Consider the client’s current situation, and what is most important for them regarding their health choices.  Build that trust and sell only what is needed.  It is all about the relationship that you build with them and how you handle their needs that will keep them as your  client and  build potential clients in the future.

In addition to being the agent a client can trust, agents should represent carriers that they trust, such as Humana. A nationally-recognized carrier, Humana is a strong, reliable insurance company with competitive benefits for agents. By getting contracted with them, you can expand your business and represent a carrier your clients know and trust.

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